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Hi, we thought you might be interested in getting a residual or monthly commission for every friend you recommend? If so then read on. Simply recommend a friend to subscribe successfully to our online classes and you will get 10% commission per month from their monthly subscription fee. For example, if they subscribed to an ULTIMATE VIP PLAN which is £7.99 per month you will get 10% commission for that subscription and for every month they keep their membership. It is that simple with our unique programme! Sounds good? Signup TODAY and start referring! 

How Does it Work?

The process is very simple:

1. Click Apply above to register for free and we will provide you with a unique link.

2. Send the link to your friends via Facebook, Whatsapp etc.

3. A cookie will be placed in their browser for tracking purposes once they click that link.

4. They will then be taken to an introduction page.

5. After they have subscribed to a plan you will receive your commission. They may decide not to subscribe immediately, but do not worry as a cookie will have been placed on their web browser, should they decide to subscribe in the future you will still receive the commission.

6.  Once you have applied you will be able to see from your dashboard each click, sales and commission earned through your link.

7. Commission will be auto paid to your account through PayPal or other agreed means each month their membership auto renews. 

Any questions please contact us


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