Established in 2016, Floridita Dance has become one of the pioneers of Latin Dancing across the North West of England. Founded by two passionate dancers Royce & Leah, through their love of music, dancing and unique connection Royce and Leah have inspired people from all works of life. Not only is Floridita Dance well reputed in the UK, it has also made a positive impact internationally through dance workshops at festivals in France, the Netherlands, Germany etc. Here in the UK Floridita Dance have a  diverse  and fantastic team of instructors that are knowledgeable to guide you in your dance journey.

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Learn Salsa with Floridita Dance

Our students have rated us 4.9/5 stars. And we have been rated on numerous meetup groups events as outstanding. Furthermore, we believe the structure of our classes are designed to guide students progressively to achieve their dance goals. But also, we are known to be very inclusive and we champion good vibes atmosphere for our students to express themselves. Why not pop over to experience together our passion for dance?

Our students have rated us 4.9/5 stars. And we have been rated on numerous meetup groups events as outstanding. Furthermore, we believe the structure of our classes are designed to guide students progressively to achieve their dance goals. But also, we are known to be very inclusive and we champion good vibes atmosphere for our students to express themselves. Why not pop over to experience together our passion for dance?

Learn Salsa with Floridita Dance

We believe a solid foundation is the key to becoming an awesome Salsa and Bachata social Dancer. This is why we welcome absolute beginners, from which we guide them to become confident beginners. Our classes are also suitable for improvers, intermediate and advance as we run special workshops to deliver higher level classes. You will learn our unique Cross Body Salsa On1 style and Bachata Fusion.

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Rebecca’s Biography

Rebecca is a creative and expressive dancer whose passion for dancing transcends into her love for movements, Latino music and culture. For her, dancing is self-expression, creativity, energy and a way to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

At a young age Rebecca was a professional gymnast and this allow her to learn dedication and hard work. She discovered her passion for dancing while living in South America where she started dancing Reggaeton in 2012. In the UK Rebecca trained in a variety of dance styles from Salsa, Bachata, Tango and Zouk to Reggaeton and Belly dance. She attended various dance congress around the world where she took classes from professional artists and she lately developed her unique style, which is a fusion of Sensual Bachata, Reggaeton and Dominican Bachata.

Rebecca started teaching Salsa and Bachata in 2015 and she immediately falls in love with sharing her passion for dance with others. In 2017 she joined “Floridita Dance team” where she is currently teaching regular Salsa and Bachata classes in Manchester with a team of expert dancers.

Rebecca & Royce specialises in a Bachata Fusions style which combines movements from Traditional Bachata, Sensual Bachata and Dominican style. Together Rebecca & Royce have taught at various congresses in the UK and internationally such as the “Amsterdam International Salsa Festival” and “Manchester Latin Festival”. They also run monthly social dancing nights and workshops in collaboration with other UK and international artists.

Rebecca is also part of “Las Fieras Lady’s dance Group” which she has joined in 2018 and with which she has performed at various UK dancing festivals including the “Bachakiz Nottingham Festival”.

Rebecca is constantly learning new routines and improving her dancing style and technique. She likes to put lot of dedication into her dance practice and teaching.



Vineta LV’s Biography

Vineta grew up in a small Latvian town, where she has trained and performed traditional Latvian folk dancing for the couples since she was 5 years old. At the age of 10 Vineta discovered street and show dance, shortly after she joined “All-girls Dance Crew” continuing performances and competitions in all of the above styles across Latvia.

At the same time Vineta was training in contemporary and jazz styles enriching her dancing technique and overall performance skills. When Vineta moved to England in 2010, she joined the Latin Dance community in Manchester, which provided great links to international level festivals in Europe.

Vineta collaborated with a few dance partners instructing Kizomba dance for over 2 years and bachata teacher equally. In late 2017, Vineta started “Dance Muses” Projects on her own preparing amateur Latin Dance lovers to perform and shoot a dance videos. Before the lockdown Vineta was based at GFF Damian Studios giving “Kizomba Meets Bachata Lady Styling” classes, as well as worked in collaboration with Floridita Dance delivering Salsa and Bachata to Manchester social dance advocates.

Passion for the music and its interpretation using her body has been always rooted in Vineta’s heart and she is continuously challenging herself with setting the new dancing & fitness goals. Join the movement!



Royce’s Biography

Royce aka Jerry David was born and raised in Nigeria where creativity through dance and music is dynamic, beautiful and fun!

Having had a strong background in contemporary dance, RnB and Hip pop music, in 2011 Royce embarked on his Salsa and Bachata journey in Manchester at the once upon a time famous Latin club Copacabana! Here he took his first class in Salsa Colombia style with Cesar.

Curious to explore & learn other Salsa styles he later took classes with several teachers such as, Franklyn aka Salsa Spirit (ON2-New York style), Alex Thaiya (ON1-LA Style) etc.

During this period he also discovered his love and passion for Bachata and later founded well-known brands in Manchester such as Latin Caliente (co-founder), Bachata Manchester and Floridita Dance. 

As a renowned international DJ and loved national instructor, Royce has delivered workshops across top UK and international festivals such as, Amsterdam International Salsa Congress, Strasbourg Bachata Festival and Manchester Latin Festival, representing Manchester and the United Kingdom. 



Barbara’s Biography

Barbara Mus – Dance, music and people lover! Psychologist, Fitness and Zumba Instructor.

She started her Latin American Dance journey in “Salsa Kings” Dance School in beautiful seaside town called Gdynia in Poland. Barbara Materka’s Dance Group – ” Chicas” was her next stop. Currently she’s a member of ” Las Fieras” formation in Manchester. She’s conscious of the importance of dancing skills constant improvement that’s why taking part in training and festivals all around the Europe is a must for her.

Studying psychology made her aware even more of the fantastic benefits you can get from movement in any form. She’ve been dancing since she remember, however with time she got crazy about hot Latino rythms which she practised with the best of the best Latino instructors including Josue Joseph and Przemek Wereszczyński. From 4 years active practitioner of dance movement therapy with people in any age. Also keen of Hula Dance (Hawaii traditional dance), where you can find above all joy, love, courage and focus.

She shares her experience and a great passion for dance with joy. With Barbara you’ll not only enjoy learning the dance but foremost enjoy every moment!



Leah’s Biography

Having been trained from childhood as a ballerina Leah later discovered her passion for Salsa and Bachata in 2004.

In 2005, as a then dance partner of Phil Kaila (salsa Northwest) she won the Midlands Salsa Championship held in Birmingham. This qualified her for the UK Salsa open championship held in Bognor Regis in 2005, where she came 6th.

She progressed further to win other major world Salsa & Bachata championships such as, IDO European Cup for Salsa & Bachata in Latvia in 2007 (including a cup winner for Salsa shines), crowned world champion in 2008 held in Austria.

Leah also became an associate of the United Kingdom Alliance (UKA) of Dancing in July 2007 and she is a fully qualified dance teacher. She has participated in various salsa international congresses including Cyprus, Scottish and Irish as well as the UK Salsa Congress.

Since then she continues to show off her dance skills through shows, performances and demonstrations all over the UK and abroad. This is where she also continues to be inspired by other famous teachers that help her to develop her dancing.

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